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  • Last Things Series

  • 6 - New Heaven and New Earth" 
    5 - Final Judgement.
    4 - Hell
    3 -"Purgatory. - Indulgences
    2 - Last Things II"  Outline Session 2
    1 - Last Things" - Outline Session 1

  • Confession Series

  • Sacred Scripture & The Rosary

  • How do Catholics Understand the Bible? Father Browning will share insight into how to best interpret, pray and understand the teachings of Jesus through the bible.  

    All about the Rosary: We live in a fallen world where fallen angels (demons) seek to destroy us.  Such evil can only be overcome by having a greater weapon than the enemy.  Our weapons are the Sacraments, the teachings of the Church, and the truths encapsulated in the rosary.